ElasticHosts presents: How clouds can and will differ

For CloudCamp London today, we are sharing an overview of our presentation: “How clouds can and will differ”.

We believe that even within cloud infrastructure there are significant differences between providers, based on:

  • Physical location: Location of infrastructure determines network speed of users and data jurisdiction
  • Target users: Target users determine features and services offered in addition to raw virtual servers
  • SLA: Whether they offer a SLA with financial penalties if broken, level of SLA determines redundancy of infrastructure and hence price of product
  • Server config: Whether they offer a full range of operating system images, with flexibility to instantly rescale server sizes and total capacity to any level
  • Web UI and API: Whether they offer infrastructure management via both intuitive web interface, and API (fitting standards when they emerge)

ElasticHosts will be the second UK-based cloud infrastructure provider to launch — and we believe that our UK physical location will make us extremely attractive for UK-based customers, due to:

  • Much better network latency and bandwidth if cloud infrastructure is on the same continent as users (50 milliseconds)
  • No legal conflicts if single legal jurisdiction covers host and buyer (e.g. US Patriot Act investigations, overseas data limits imposed by EU Directive on Personal Data Protection)