Thousands of pre-built servers from Elastic Server (II)

As we announced yesterday, ElasticHosts has partnered with Cohesive to offer thousands of pre-built Elastic Server images.

We and our customers are very excited that they can now get going even faster by automatically building an Elastic Server with all the software that they need pre-installed.

“Installing and configuring software components and operating systems on virtual servers from scratch is extremely time consuming and expensive,”

said Richard Davies, Founder and CEO of ElasticHosts.

“Cohesive’s Elastic Server automates this process allowing our users to concentrate on the benefits of our highly scalable, flexible, and cost effective KVM-based UK cloud. The combination of ElasticHosts and Elastic Server is a fast track to realizing returns from cloud computing — ElasticHosts customers can immediately deploy well over five thousand custom server images.”

“Configuring a server has always been time-consuming and complex.” said Sujay Jayaram, CEO of WeddingPath. “We have been a satisfied customer of the ElasticHosts team for almost 10 years and are very excited by the scalability, flexibility and ease of use that the ElasticHosts cloud offers. Cohesive’s pre-built Elastic Server images can get us up and running on this platform quickly.”

This video shows just how easy it is:

Get your Elastic Server up in the ElasticHosts cloud today with our free trial!