Track your usage with bandwidth graphs

More good news — thanks to our new persistent server IDs feature, we can now show you graphs of your bandwidth usage for the past four months. Previously, whenever you rebooted a server, you deleted that server’s bandwidth history. But now, the bandwidth history persists — showing you the full history of how your bandwidth usage has changed. We also provide monthly statistics, including average bandwidth, peak bandwidth (at the 95th percentile), total data in (in GB), and total data out (in GB). This should make it easier for you to make hosting decisions in the future. To see your server’s bandwidth use, go to the Control Panel, and click on the “traffic” link (highlighted below):
Your Servers Bandwidth

And voila:

Bandwidth History Graph

We hope you enjoy this new feature. As ever, if there’s an improvement or addition that you’d really like to see in the ElasticHosts interface, please get in touch — we want your views.